Thank you for real butter, FishPretzel!

There’s a great new website called FishPretzel through which I found a great cooking blog called Use Real Butter.

Since there is essentially NO good Asian food in Eugene (well, except for the pretty good sushi place that’s literally below our apartment), I’ve decided to test my abilities to cook Asian food. My favorite store in Eugene has quickly become the Sunrise Asian Market. There’s not a lot of English on the products there, but thanks to them — and the real butter lady, I’ve been able to cook food that makes us feel like we actually live somewhere that isn’t 100% white.

Pan asian fusion:

Korean Bulgogi

Japanese Ginger Dressing

Mu Shu Pork

Pan-Seared Sesame-Crusted Tuna

Pad Thai

Sauteed Kong Xing Tsai

Chinese Stir-Fried Pork and Soy Beans

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (through a link to another blog)


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