I actually made bread!

I’ve never made bread. Well, I did make Connecticut’s famous “quick brown bread” for the fourth grade state fair at John Eaton. And I did make brioche. But I’ve never made bread bread. Glutton for punishment that I am, I decided to kill two birds with one stone: pop my Alice Waters/Chez Panisse Cooking cookbook cherry and do it making her recipe for country bread.

Now I know why people buy bread. It takes days to make. Kneading is fun and good exercise, but the dough sticks to the counter (don’t use a cutting board!) like nobody’s business. Sorry, Alice, I had to use more than one ounce of flour when rolling it out, even though you explicitly told me to use no more than that. The first batch tasted good, but came out too flat. We’ll see how round two turns out using bread pans instead of a baking sheet. (Rookie error.) Hopefully that’ll be the ticket. It sure smells good!

30 minutes later…

Now I know why people make bread. It’s delicious! Hot out of the oven, tasting of the sweet satisfaction of accomplishment! Perhaps it’s like childbirth… the kind of pain you forget…

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