We have a new favorite, go-to dinner in our house: the Barefoot Contessa’s (of course) Parmesan Chicken. There are several reasons why we’ve made this several times in the past few months:

1) It’s really good. Especially with the lemon vinaigrette salad on top.

2) It’s pretty easy.

3) It’s as close as the attractive nuisance gets to having fried chicken… except for all the fried chicken he sneaks while I’m out of town.

4) You get to beat the ever-loving sh*t out of chicken breasts with a giant rolling pin. Quite the aggression releaser! The attractive nuisance even took a brief study break tonight to take a whack at a free range bird breast.

Since I’m now capable of making tonight’s main dish practically blindfolded, I decided to throw something else into the mix: Dinner Spanikopita, from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics (this recipe’s not online). I’ve made it once before, with my sister, and it turned out well enough to try again. Fortunately, I remembered that I had forgotten to add the feta (seriously, I can’t believe it either) soon after putting the tightly wrapped suckers in the oven. I recommend remembering the feta before wrapping the spinach mixture in the delicate phyllo dough as unwrapping and rewrapping is an unnecessary step. Of course, we’re glad the feta made an appearance, and the spanikopita tasted pretty, pretty good.

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