Who needs a grill…

…when you’ve got a kickass grill pan! So what if the tortfeeder was inhaling carcinogens while cooking. There were grill marks!

So we have a new favorite in our house. It seems the attractive nuisance does like steak! (Maybe he’s stepping up his game because he knows that I was using my boyfriend’s recipe?)

Tyler’s Ultimate Fajitas


Gently Cooked

So tonight’s menu revolved around another one of those chicken breast recipes from that NYT article.

Gently Cooked Chicken Breasts With Garlic-Chili-Ginger Sauce

Pretty good. Subtle and simple. (Gently cooked is code for poached, by the way.) Plus, I got the chance to make fancy-looking scallions.

What Asiany go-to vegetable dish could we possibly have on the side?


Doesn’t DNS mean “Do Not Substitute” in pharmacy-speak? It now also applies to cooking.

When Ina Garten tells you to use creme fraiche, use it. Don’t use yogurt. (Even, well, okay, especially, greek yogurt.)

I coulda sworn I’d read somewhere that yogurt was a decent sub for creme fraiche. I was wrong. My sister has made this dish quite successfully, so I do think it’s a good recipe when made properly.

Barefoot Contessa’s Mustard-Roasted Fish

Fortunately, the haricots verts with roasted peppers and onions came out quite nicely.

Barefoot Contessa’s French String Beans (Haricots Verts)

Moral of the story: Trust the Contessa!*

*Even if you’re trying to be “healthy.” It’s not worth it. She’s tested these recipes. She’s the expert. And a little creme fraiche won’t kill ya for cry eye!


We’ve had some things the past few days that haven’t blown us away. Good, but not unbelievably spectacularly amazing. Not everything is a grand slam. Even at Denny’s.

Boursin Chicken – this was fine. Very simple. Not as good as some other recipe’s I’ve found on Use Real Butter.

Momofuku Chicken Wings – Granted, I made this with chunks of skinless chicken breast, so it was never going to be that good. I’m sure it’s pretty tasty done right (even baked). I did make the Momofuku Brussels Sprouts again, and they were damn good.

From stock to soup

So obviously, I had to make soup right after making stock. (Duh.) Rather than follow a recipe, I decided to wing it. Without further adieu, here’s my own “recipe” for Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup. (Not the catchiest name, but it does convey the essence of the dish. Oh lord, listen to me. I “write” one recipe and all of a sudden my broccoli has an essence?!)

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup

Broccoli (2 heads)

Cauliflower (1 head — or one bag from Trader Joe’s)

Onion (1) – chopped

Leeks (2) – chopped

Chicken stock (homemade, of course — about 2.5 quarts)

Olive oil

Salt (kosher, of course)



Roast broccoli and cauliflower, tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper on a baking sheet at 400 for about 25 minutes (or until it looks like it would taste better than regular broccoli and cauliflower).

In a pot that will fit all the veggies and stock, saute the onion and leeks in olive oil until they look like sauteed onions and leeks.

Toss in the roasted veggies and stir.

Toss in the chicken stock and bring to a boil.

Let simmer for a little while.

Get out your badass immersion blender and go to town.


I recommend serving hot with parmesan cheese.

I invented a soup! Stay tuned for other incarnations. Just realized I shoulda put bacon in there… next time.

Nudo and stock

Tonight’s dinner was mainly leftovers (TK’s thighs, sauteed green beans and snap peas, and a baked eggplant/mushroom/onion/mozzerella fest). In case that wouldn’t be enough (which it was), I found a pretty simple Bobby Flay shrimp dish and defrosted a previously-purchased block of the little guys.

Oven Roasted Shrimp with Toasted Garlic and Red Chile Oil

Instead of making the chile oil, I used some made from our Italian olive tree, a wonderful wedding gift from my sister and her husband. If that doesn’t make sense (or even if it does), check out Nudo.

Other than that, I’ve got my very first pot of chicken stock (thank you, TK carcass!) on the stove.  Two hours of simmering to go…