We got a very cool book as a wedding gift called My Last Supper, which has beautiful photographs and recipes from famous chefs for meals that they would have as their last. Many are complicated, but one seemed almost too simple, Thomas Keller’s “My Favorite Simple Roast Chicken.” We’ve heard other chefs talk about how a really good roast chicken is their favorite meal, too. And since actually going to the French Laundry is still just on the list and not an immediate reality, we’ve got to have our TK at home.

Basically, here’s the recipe (full recipe at link above): Oven at 450, clean and dry the bird, salt and pepper inside the cavity, truss, rain salt on the skin (for crispiness), pepper to taste, cook for 45-50 min.

It seemed too simple to be true — nothing inside? No lemon? No onion? No rosemary? No butter… or oil… anywhere? What the frick, TK?!

Turned out pretty well. As juicy as any other chicken we’ve roasted. (I’d say moist, but I hate that word.) And this whole concept of raining salt on the outside worked nicely. (It’s raining salt… hallelujah, it’s raining salt…) Don’t test our sodium levels, but it was a success. More TK TK. (That was for the attractive nuisance.)

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