Nudo and stock

Tonight’s dinner was mainly leftovers (TK’s thighs, sauteed green beans and snap peas, and a baked eggplant/mushroom/onion/mozzerella fest). In case that wouldn’t be enough (which it was), I found a pretty simple Bobby Flay shrimp dish and defrosted a previously-purchased block of the little guys.

Oven Roasted Shrimp with Toasted Garlic and Red Chile Oil

Instead of making the chile oil, I used some made from our Italian olive tree, a wonderful wedding gift from my sister and her husband. If that doesn’t make sense (or even if it does), check out Nudo.

Other than that, I’ve got my very first pot of chicken stock (thank you, TK carcass!) on the stove.  Two hours of simmering to go…

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