Doesn’t DNS mean “Do Not Substitute” in pharmacy-speak? It now also applies to cooking.

When Ina Garten tells you to use creme fraiche, use it. Don’t use yogurt. (Even, well, okay, especially, greek yogurt.)

I coulda sworn I’d read somewhere that yogurt was a decent sub for creme fraiche. I was wrong. My sister has made this dish quite successfully, so I do think it’s a good recipe when made properly.

Barefoot Contessa’s Mustard-Roasted Fish

Fortunately, the haricots verts with roasted peppers and onions came out quite nicely.

Barefoot Contessa’s French String Beans (Haricots Verts)

Moral of the story: Trust the Contessa!*

*Even if you’re trying to be “healthy.” It’s not worth it. She’s tested these recipes. She’s the expert. And a little creme fraiche won’t kill ya for cry eye!


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