Momofuku Returns

David Chang night!

Tonight we had two Momofuku dishes. Our old standby, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and a new one: Marinated Hanger Steak Ssäm with all the fixin’s. Turned out really well! Definitely worth making the roasted onions, but also had it with kimchee, which added a nice kick.



Got the song stuck in your head yet?

Since the attractive nuisance got his birthday cocktail shaker and Mr. Boston, we’ve been doing a bit of cocktailing. Apparently, we likeh the rum. Tonight, we switched gears and went with tequila, so naturally, I cooked up some Mexican!

Mesa Margarita – Bobby Flay: Boy Meets Grill

Mexican Chicken Soup – One of our favorite Barefoot Contessa recipes. Totally delicious.

Shrimp in Adobo Sauce – The Gourmet Cookbook. This turned out really well. Recipe’s not online though.

That was an awesome dinner. Ole!

Slider time

I haven’t been watching tons of Food Network recently, but I did catch a new episode of Barefoot Contessa a few weeks ago. When I saw her make these sliders, I knew we’d be eating them soon. Mmm… especially with baked sweet potato fries. I didn’t really follow this recipe, but baking them on parchment paper at 450 for about 25-30 min (tossed with olive oil, salt, paprika and flipping them over halfway through) made for the most successful baked fries to date! I think this will be repeated…

Tortfeeder on the Road

After several attempts, I finally made it to snowy DC. Cooked a few things with my sister and bro-in-law, too. The attractive nuisance wasn’t there to share in the feast, so here’s what he missed out on.

Shepherd’s Pie – they actually had every ingredient for this in their house. That alone impressed me. I’m not too big on lamb, but this turned out really well.

For our second night of cooking, I had to share in some of the Asian extravaganza that we’ve been enjoying over the past few months. I realized that I never posted this green bean recipe, so thank goodness I made it again! Mops was at book club, so we celebrated Porkfest 2010 with Pops!

Green Beans with Pork and Garlic (I made this the first time after the attractive nuisance ate a similar dish with my brother and sister-in-law at a great Chinese restaurant in Berkeley. That was one of the best things we’ve ever eaten, and this is a sufficient substitute given Uncle Gene’s lack of decent Chinese food.)

Mu Shu Pork – it seems this is becoming an instant classic!

Inafest (R-2009)

Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of Barefoot Contessa-ing around here. All repeats from the 2009 pantheon, but worth a second (or tenth) taste. I was working on cooking up a storm so the attractive nuisance would have plenty to eat while I went to DC for the week. Little did I know that cooking up a storm would cause a ripple effect in the jet stream, leading to the biggest snowstorm in DC historySnowmaggedon!

Here’s what’s in the freezer:

Turkey Sausage Lasagna

Beef Bourguignon (with Julia Child’s sauteed mushrooms and braised onions) By the way, I actually followed the light-the-brandy-on-fire instructions for the first time. It’s quite a rush to set a giant pot aflame! I recommended lighting brandy on fire any time you get the chance.

French Onion Soup

Parmesan Chicken