Fish market madness!

It’s been a big week for us and the Fisherman’s Market. Three trips in three days!

First, we had another Dungeness Crab Fest. (Apparently, Uncle Gene has a recurring case of crabs.)

Next, we tried a recipe for Ligurian Fish Stew (with cod), which turned out to be simple and delicious.

And tonight, we polished off fish stew leftovers with a side of Ping-inspired grilled prawns and a new take on our Momofuku brussels sprouts: cauliflower!

When we were in Portland about a week ago, we had two great meals, one at Ping, an awesome pan-asian fusion joint in Chinatown. We had cool drinks and several great grilled skewers, including a simple grilled shrimp dipped in fresh squeezed lime juice, sea salt and cracked pepper. Amazing. Our second dinner was at Tabla Mediterranean Bistro, which was very different, but also ridiculously good. We’ve had such great meals in PDX, and those two definitely lived up to the test.

Ping-inspired Grilled Prawns

Don’t peel prawns. Coat with oil (I used grapeseed), a squirt of lime juice, salt and pepper. Grill. (I used my kick ass grill pan.)

Sauce: juice of one lime, about a teaspoon of sea salt (I used our fancy sea salt flakes, or what we call “finishing salt”) and about a teaspoon of loosely cracked pepper.

Dip and enjoy. You won’t believe how simple and yet how awesome.

And the Momofuku Roasted Cauliflower with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette turned out great as well. I went the roasting route as opposed to fried. The sauce is slightly different than the brussels sprouts recipe we’ve been using, and I kicked it up a notch by frying cilantro leaves as the recipe recommends. Stand back!

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