We are finally home. Well, in our new home, in our old hometown. It’s been quite a journey, but now we’re back in LA! Woop woop!

We’ve unpacked enough to cook our first dinner tonight (well, I unpacked and I cooked while the attractive nuisance toiled away at the law). The timing coincided perfectly with the Sunday Farmers Market in my old hood, Brentwood. I’ve been dreaming of that market for a year now, and it did not disappoint. The summer squash looked great, so I decided to make the recipe in the most recent post: Mario Batali’s Pennette with Summer Squash and Ricotta. This time I added chicken per the attractive nuisance’s request. Very nice! Went great with the salad and fig with goat cheese bruschetta. (Easy: Toast sliced baguette, spread goat cheese, top with sliced figs from the fruit lady at the Brentwood Farmers Market). Oh, and we celebrated the occasion with our Sokol Blosser Rosé. Sorry Oregon, it’s been real, but we’re back!

Photo taken with my new iPhone/mobile blogging unit.


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