Extra rice sticks? NYT saves the day

So I ended up buying additional rice sticks when bouncing around West LA’s asian markets in search of the vermicelli for the bun I made the other day. You see, there are lots of kinds of rice stick noodles. Lots. They cost about a dollar, so no harm, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever know what to do with them. (This package looked very different from the one I ended up using for the Vietnamese bun.)

Thank you, New York Times, for having a recipe in today’s paper for the exact kind of rice sticks I had bought! It was fate. This turned out pretty well: very light and healthy tasting. (It was, after all, a “recipe for health.”) Not a bad thing…

Stir-Fried Rice Stick Noodles with Bok Choy and Cherry Tomatoes

Oh, and the pork from the spring roll recipe I made the other day is a new favorite. Very easy and tasted awesome. A little extra protein to go with our rice sticks!


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